The National Museum in Bloemfontein is – a natural history, cultural history and art museum – was established in 1877 and is a Declared Cultural Institution.

The Museum, and its satellite museums, provide professional research, conservation and educational services to a broad spectrum of the community, both scientific and non-scientific, at the local, national and international level.

The Museum currently includes 13 research departments (both Natural Sciences and Human Sciences), an Art Museum, Education Department, Information Services section / Library, an Administration section, and two technical departments. The Museum offers a comprehensive, curriculum-based Education Programme, with various activities during school terms.

Certain Museum displays are now also accessible to persons with disabilities – braille, large format text, specially focused lighting, sound, as well as access to touching certain display material all enhancing the Museum experience for visitors with disabilities.

Unique displays include:
• A cast of the 260 000 year-old Florisbad skull; the only relatively complete example in southern Africa of a pre-modern phase in human evolution.
• The Malvern meteorite, possibly originating from Mars.
• A life-size fibreglass replica of an adult elephant bull.
• A Bloemfontein street scene from the early 1900s.
• The largest selection of live animals on display in a South African museum.
• The history of Bloemfontein/Mangaung (1846 – 2000).
• The only complete skeleton (with skull) of the dinosaur Melanorosaurus that lived about 215 million years ago.

36 Aliwal Street, Bloemfontein
Open: 8am – 5pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 5pm (Sat), 12pm – 5.30pm (Sun)
Telephone: +27 51 447 9609
Fax: +27 51 447 6273
  • The National Museum Bloemfontein

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