They specialise in diving expeditions to the Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks and offer personal attention from a Satour Guide. All hire gear is available and they collect divers from Durban.

The Protea Banks are off Shelly Beach on the South coast of Natal and 180 kms south of Durban. The depth of dives here are 26 to 38 metres. They offer Advanced Shark diving on the Protea Banks. They can offer a package of two nights. The boats they use are semi-rigid inflatables for surf launches. All divemasters diveleaders are English speaking.

They also offer diving packages; they collect divers from Durban hotel - dive Aliwal Shoal - drive through the Northern Natal game parks and onto Sodwana bay which is 380 kms north of Durban. Sodwana bay is the southern most coral reef on the east coast of Africa.

The Aliwal Shoal is a fossilized sand dune with some hard and soft corals but notably sponges. The depth ranges from 5 to 30 metres. The warm water reef fish and cold water fish converge on Aliwal Shoal. The marine life is varied.

You can watch the northern migration of the Humpback Whale from June to October, the Sperm Whale at odd times, The Minke Whale year round and The Southern Right from July to August. Further the baby toothed whales - dolphin. The Common Dolphin is seen June and July only. The Natal Indian Ocean Dolphin, all year round and occasionally the rare Humpbacked Dolphin.

You can view the most visible of sharks, the Hammerhead of which there are three types which are seen all year round as is the Bull shark or Zambezi. The spotted Ragged Toothed Shark are seen July to November each year. Other sharks seen are the Copper Shark for July to August, The Dusky Shark, Spinner Shark, Mako Shark, Blue Shark and Black Tipped in Large shoals. The biggest fish in the Ocean is the Whale Shark seen from November to April.

You can also view The Loggerhead and Olive Green Turtles during the year and occasionally the leatherback and from November to April the Hawksbill. Round ribbontail ray, Blue String Ray, Honeycomb stingray and many types of eels can be seen. You can also visit the two wrecks off Aliwal Shoal a Norwegian registered molasses freighter the M.V. Produce which sank in 1974 and a steam ship the S.S. Nebo which sank in 1884.

Apart from leading dive expeditions they teach all NAUI courses from Scuba Diver to Divemaster. They specialise in Eco orientated dive packages and courses - Shark, Environmental or Wreck. They do shark diving from July to December and do a shark dissection on each course. Environmental and Wreck courses are run throughout the year. The dive school with lecture room and 4 m deep heated training pool is 30 kms South of Durban. The pool is useful for overseas divers to re-orientate themselves from a dry suit to wet suit to get their buoyancy and themselves adjusted. A Mobile Scuba School is available.
  • Andy Cobb Eco Diving
  • Andy Cobb Eco Diving
  • Andy Cobb Eco Diving

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