Cultural Heritage includes buildings, books, artifacts, folklore, language and natural heritage such as significant landscapes and biodiversity.Historical Attractions includes historical buildings, bridges, landmarks, museums, forts, battle fields and other objects and places.

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Lichtenburg with its unique historical background and special places of interest, coupled with its tranquility and moderate climate is worth a stop-over.

North West - Lichtenburg


Mafikeng, situated next to Mmabatho, the vibrant provincial capital of the North West Province and has an interesting history, rich culture and wildlife variety.

North West - Mafikeng

Museums of Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom is home to the Goetz Fleischack Museum, Potchefstroom, President Pretorius and Totius House Museums and many interesting architectural buildings dating back to the 1850's

North West - Potchefstroom

Taung Heritage Site

The Taung Heritage Site is dedicated to the discovery of the skull belonging to an early hominid, named "Australopithecus africanus" meaning the "southern ape of Africa"

North West - Taung