Cultural Heritage includes buildings, books, artifacts, folklore, language and natural heritage such as significant landscapes and biodiversity.Historical Attractions includes historical buildings, bridges, landmarks, museums, forts, battle fields and other objects and places.

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Blood River Heritage Site

One of the most famous battles in S.A. history - monument consisting of 64 replica Voortrekker wagons cast in bronze and situated just as they were on the day of the famous battle.

KwaZulu-Natal - Dundee

Cathedral Peak - Drakensberg

Cathedral Peak, like so much of the Drakensberg, is a haven for hikers, with a selection of trails winding through mountain scenery stands of indigenous trees, gurgling streams and trout pools.

KwaZulu-Natal - Central Drakensberg


Colenso lies on the main Durban - Johannesburg railway line some 190 km north-west of Durban and played a historic role during the Anglo-Boer Wars. Part of the Battlefield Route.

KwaZulu-Natal - Colenso

Durban Arts

From the traditional to the cutting-edge work of today's practitioners, art galleries and playhouses offer visitors a rich artistic feast.

KwaZulu-Natal - Durban

Durban Museums and Monuments

Durban and KwaZulu Natal's rich history is documented in a number of fascinating museums in and around the city.

KwaZulu-Natal - Durban

Empangeni Art and Cultural History Museum

The purpose of the museum (1.5 hours from Durban) is to study, preserve and collect objects of artistic, cultural and historic value in the Kwazulu/Natal region for the information and education of inhabitants and visitors.

KwaZulu-Natal - Empangeni


Eshowe offers a unique window on history as the oldest town in Zululand, with various secret places to visit and enjoy. Part of the Battlefields route.

KwaZulu-Natal - Eshowe

Ghandi Route

During the South African War the role of South African Indians was confined to stretcher bearing, a duty Ghandi himself undertook after the Battle of Spioenkop.

KwaZulu-Natal - Pietermaritzburg


Nestling on the banks of the Umgeni River, in the heart of the Natal Midlands, Howick reflects a diverse character.

KwaZulu-Natal - Howick

Ilala Weavers

Specialists in traditional Zulu handcrafts. We aim to improve the income and living standards of the Zulu people through their own efforts, by developing cottage industry and guidance on market requirements, marketing the resultant products

KwaZulu-Natal - Hluhluwe

Kwabhekithunga - Stewarts Farm

Kwabhekithunga, situated in the heart of Zululand, offers a cultural village where visitors are able to enjoy an authentic African Cultural experience.

KwaZulu-Natal - Eshowe


A bustling, cosmopolitan town, Newcastle forms an important part of the Battlefields Route and is a sister town to 25 other Newcastles around the globe.

KwaZulu-Natal - Newcastle

Pietermaritzburg Museums & Galleries

View the different Museums including voortrekker museum, comrades marathon house & natal museum.

KwaZulu-Natal - Pietermaritzburg

Rorke's Drift

This Museum has attracted worldwide attention for its outstanding displays of the Anglo-Zulu War.

KwaZulu-Natal - Dundee


In keeping with the pastoral surrounds, Shakaland accommodation features authentic African decor, complete with wooden interiors, thatched roofs and a warm, earthy ambience.

KwaZulu-Natal - Eshowe


The site of one of the most fearsome events of the Anglo-Boer War.

KwaZulu-Natal - Ladysmith

The Battlefields Route

The Battlefields Route takes you to some of the most significant battles fought on South African soil between Voortrekker and Zulu, Zulu and the British and the Anglo-Boer War.

KwaZulu-Natal - Ladysmith


Valley of the Kings - a historical treasure - heritage of mystical heritage - birthplace of the amaZulu and capital of the kingdom, with magnificent scenery and mountains

KwaZulu-Natal - Ulundi


Also called Dingane's Kraal, after wiping out Piet Retief and his men while visiting Dingane.

KwaZulu-Natal - Melmoth

Voortrekker Footsteps

Start your tour in Estcourt and end it at Piet Retief's grave on the Dingaanstat site.

KwaZulu-Natal - Vryheid