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Kalahari 4x4 Trail

The 200km long trail offers exhilarating dune driving and scenic views of the nature, wedged between Namibia and the Kalahari Gemsbok Park, with various antelope species and most of the raptors to be seen.

Upington - Northern Cape

Northern Cape 4x4 Trails

A summary of various 4x4 trails in the Northern Cape.

Upington - Northern Cape

Oranjerivier Wynkelders

The largest co-operative wine cellars in the southern hemisphere, second largest in the world. Open for visitors and wine tasting /tours /purchases.

Upington - Northern Cape

Spitskop Nature Reserve

Spitskop Nature Reserve derives its name from a prominent steep rocky hill close to the entrance.

Upington - Northern Cape

The Raptor Route

The Northern Cape is the ideal place for bird watching, but more specifically so for Raptor watching. The Raptor Route has been developed, with information offices across the region, to assist you on your quest.

Upington - Northern Cape


Bound by the Orange River and the Kalahari, Upington is the principal city in the Northern Region, an ideal winter holiday resort with all the modern conveniences on the major routes to Namibia and Kalahari, Augrabies, Fish River Canyon and Northern Cape

Upington - Northern Cape