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Diving at St Lucia Estuary

Diving at St Lucia Estuary, specifically the mouth of the estuary which has a high salinity level and teems with fish.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

A very special slice of Africa, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (previously St Lucia Wetland Park) offers ecotourists some of the most diverse wildlife and outdoor experiences imaginable.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

Lake St Lucia Boat Cruises

Don't miss the opportunity of a cruise the Santa Lucia. This offers excellent sightings of hippos and watchbirds.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

Lake St Lucia Hiking Trails

Some detail on hiking trails in and around Isimangaliso Wetland Park and Lake St Lucia.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

Mission Rocks

Mission Rocks, 16km north of St Lucia Estuary, has picnic and ablution facilities for day visitors. The rock pools provide hours of fascinating exploration.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

St Lucia Crocodile Centre

The Crocodile Centre offers an exciting and informative outing for visitors who would like to know more about the lake system and one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating animals, the crocodile

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

St Lucia Fishing

Some detail on the various fishing opportunities in the St Lucia Greater Wetland Park and the coastal zone.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

St Lucia in KwaZulu

St Lucia is a base for exploring the ocean, wetlands, swamps, mangroves and lagoons making up the town's environment.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal

St Lucia Wilderness Trail

Trailists have the opportunity to experience natural landscapes which are undisturbed by man. While on trail trailists may also have the opportunity to observe a variety of wildlife, including black rhino, buffalo and leopard.

St Lucia - KwaZulu-Natal