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Bergville is a scenic town at the foot of the Drakensberg Mountains with an untouched countryside. An ideal base to explore the mountains from.

Northern Drakensberg - KwaZulu-Natal

Mount-Aux-Sources Hikes

This trail leads you through the most dramatic and picturesque part of the Drakensberg.

Northern Drakensberg - KwaZulu-Natal

Rugged Glen - Drakensberg

Rugged Glen is a rugged part of the Drakensberg Mountain Range, with spectacular beauty, nature trails and trout-fishing.

Northern Drakensberg - KwaZulu-Natal

Spioenkop Nature Reserve

Site of the Battle of Spioenkop with a reserve that boasts a rich selection of wildlife including white rhinocerous, giraffe and a variety of plains and bushveld antelope.

Northern Drakensberg - KwaZulu-Natal

The Northern Drakensberg

The Northern Drakensberg is home to the Royal Natal National Park which holds the Amphitheatre range, a sheer wall of Basalt over which the Tugela Falls plumets.

Northern Drakensberg - KwaZulu-Natal