Ghost Mountain Inn

Average Guest Rating: 4 Star Rating ( 4.0 out of 5 )
5 reviews

Ghost Mountain Inn Reviewed by Sean Marven from United Kingdom on 7 January 2010 .
A beautiful place. Lovely comfortable rooms. The gardens were fabulous. My husband and son went on the cultural tour with Bheki? which they enjoyed very much. The weather was quite wet when we stayed and my youngest son enjoyed all the frogs that came out to play! If there is a criticism I would say there wasn't much info in the rooms about the Inn ; we found the Spa and gym by accident and would have used both a bit more had we been aware of them. Enjoyed talking to the lovely Francis at dinner and breakfast.
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Ghost Mountain Inn Reviewed by Nicole Aitkenhead from South Africa on 23 November 2009 .
It was a pleasant surprise to arrive in a cosy and welcoming foyer on a miserably wet Saturday night. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the scrumptious breakfast in the morning! We were however woken a little too early from slumber as newly arrived guests trundled their wheeled suitcases noisily down the tiled corridor! Other than that our stay was short but sweet :) Thanks.
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Ghost Mountain Inn Reviewed by Warnder R. Goeree from Netherlands on 27 August 2009 .
Good, but over rated.
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Ghost Mountain Inn Reviewed by Igor Mašín from Czech Republic on 24 October 2008 .
Very Good.

Rating: 4 Star Rating

Ghost Mountain Inn Reviewed by Birthe Boisen from Denmark on 6 February 2008 .
We think it was a wonderful place with a unique atmosphere and the room was very comfortable with lovely decorations. We hope to be back sometime.
Rating: 5 Star Rating