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Monuments and Cultural Heritage and Historical Attractions in the Free State

Monuments commemorate a diverse number of person and important events in the history of this country.Cultural Heritage includes buildings, books, artifacts, folklore, language and natural heritage such as significant landscapes and biodiversity. Historical Attractions includes historical buildings, bridges, landmarks, museums, forts, battle fields and other objects and places.

There are 27 records in this listing

Anglo-Boer War Museum
1. Anglo-Boer War Museum
Take in the wealth of exhibits and other interesting sights in and around the War Museum of the Boer Republics. Depicts sections of the war of 1899 - 1902.

Free State - Bloemfontein

Basotho Cultural Village
2. Basotho Cultural Village
This Cultural Village takes you for a walk down the path of time - experience their lifestyle, hospitality, arts and crafts,riddles,fables and magic tales. Go on a Basotho pony and herbal Trail.

Free State - Harrismith

3. Bethulie
Formed around a mission station in 1829, this town offers many historical sites depicting the violent period prior to its formation, as well as nature reserves and resorts and various water-activities on the Dams in the area.

Free State - Bethulie

4. Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein is the city of Roses, and the capital of the Free State Province. Enjoy warm hospitality, friendly but diverse peoples, many attractions and cultural sites, an unique Orchid House with various rare Orchids, and much more

Free State - Bloemfontein

5. Dewetsdorp
Founded as a safe haven by Jacobus de Wet, field-cornet and father of Anglo-Boer War General Christiaan de Wet, on the farm Kareefontein. Eventually recognised and given municipal status in 1890. Award winning Golfclub

Free State - Dewetsdorp

6. Edenburg
A sheep and cattle ranching farm in the Free State, believed to the named in Afrikaans after Edinburgh.

Free State - Edenburg

7. Fauresmith
Named after Rev Faure, moderator of the Dutch Reformed Church, and Sir Harry Smith, governor of the Cape Colony. Various monuments and places of interest, as well as outdoor adventures

Free State - Fauresmith

8. Harrismith
Surrounded by buttes and mesas, the town was founded in 1849 and named after Governer Harry Smith. An important crossroad in the land trade routes, it is still rich in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rivers

Free State - Harrismith

Highlands Treasure Route
9. Highlands Treasure Route
The magnificence of the North-Eastern Free State beckons you to come and explore the various cultural and ethnical sites, historical and monumental sites, breathtaking scenery, wonderful outdoor adeventures and much more

Free State - Harrismith

10. Jagersfontein
Founded in a diamond rush, the town still exudes the whiff of the pioneer diggertown. Various attractions, as well as an open mine museum and original mine where the 971-carat Excelsior diamond was found in 1893

Free State - Jagersfontein

11. Koffiefontein
Transport riders found this spring a convenient stop for coffee drinking, until a diamond was found and a town grew rapidly. The name was retained and today is a sheep farming region

Free State - Koffiefontein

12. Luckhoff
Established in 1894 in the Free State, Luckhoff is situated close to the Van Der Kloof Dam (Orange River) and the Rolfontein Nature Reserve

Free State - Luckhoff

Museums of Bloemfontein
13. Museums of Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein (part of Mangaung Local Municipality) offers the visitor many historical buildings and museums exhibiting the history of the Free State and the city.

Free State - Bloemfontein

14. Petrusburg
Started as a Church on the farm Diepfontein in 1891 and named after the owner of the farm. Mixed farming pays the rent in todays Petrusburg

Free State - Petrusburg

15. Philippolis
Founded in 1823 after the Toverberg mission station was closed in 1818 and Dr John Philip, superintendent of South Africa, wanted a mission station in the area, making it the oldest town in the Free State

Free State - Philippolis

Philippolis Fossils
16. Philippolis Fossils
In the region of Philippolis two fossils where found, a fish fossil which belonged to the order of Palaeonisciformes and a reptile which belonged to the Eodicynodon family.

Free State - Philippolis

17. Reddersburg
The farm Vlakfontein was bought by the Dutch Reformed Church for a parish and named 'Saviour's Fort', a town well known for strict moral laws. Now a sheep farming community

Free State - Reddersburg

18. Smithfield
Founded in 1848 for Sir Harry Smith, now an important cattle ranching area. Various Places of interest, museums, monuments and memorials of bygone days, including Bersheeba Farm, an old French mission station with 1m-thick walls.

Free State - Smithfield

Southern Highlands of Eastern Free State
19. Southern Highlands of Eastern Free State
The land of a thousand pictures, with each season offering its own attractions - roaring, open fires in winter, cherry blossoms and then succulent fruit in spring, hot summer days and golden autumn sunsets.

Free State - Ladybrand

20. Springfontein
Mixed farming and the outdoor life are central to the lives of the Springfontein residents. A crucial link between Gauteng and the Eastern Cape

Free State - Springfontein

The National Museum Bloemfontein
21. The National Museum Bloemfontein
The National Museum, Bloemfontein, is a natural history, cultural history and art museum which provide professional research, conservation and educational services to a broad spectrum of the community.

Free State - Bloemfontein

Transgariep Area
22. Transgariep Area
An area with a vast historical heritage, with numerous historical sites and places of interest, as well as the Gariep Dam (largest in South Africa) and various other attraction and adventure options

Free State - Bloemfontein

Transgariep Museum
23. Transgariep Museum
The Transgariep Museum features, in thematic displays, the Griquas, the London Missionary Society, Emily Hobhouse, and Old Philippolis - the oldest town in the Free State.

Free State - Philippolis

24. Trompsburg
Named after the owners of the farm Middelwater, on which the town was founded in 1891. The hub of Free State Merino sheep farming

Free State - Trompsburg

Vredefort Dome
25. Vredefort Dome
The Vredefort Dome, a World Heritage Site, is the oldest and largest meteorite impact site in the world. Formed an estimated 2000 million years ago when a gigantic meteorite (asteroid) hit the earth.

Free State - Vredefort

26. Wepener
Wepener, on the Lesotho border, is home to the Caledon Nature Reserve. It has many game species and a flourishing birdlife. The town offers various historical and cultural heritage sites.

Free State - Wepener

27. Zastron
Named after the wife of the owner of the farm Verliesfontein on which the town was founded, whose surname, Zastron, was a corruption of the German name Zastrow

Free State - Zastron

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