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Cultural Heritage and Historical Attractions in the Free State

Cultural Heritage includes buildings, books, artifacts, folklore, language and natural heritage such as significant landscapes and biodiversity.Historical Attractions includes historical buildings, bridges, landmarks, museums, forts, battle fields and other objects and places.

There are 7 records in this listing

Anglo-Boer War Museum
1. Anglo-Boer War Museum
Take in the wealth of exhibits and other interesting sights in and around the War Museum of the Boer Republics. Depicts sections of the war of 1899 - 1902.

Free State - Bloemfontein

Basotho Cultural Village
2. Basotho Cultural Village
This Cultural Village takes you for a walk down the path of time - experience their lifestyle, hospitality, arts and crafts,riddles,fables and magic tales. Go on a Basotho pony and herbal Trail.

Free State - Harrismith

Museums of Bloemfontein
3. Museums of Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein (part of Mangaung Local Municipality) offers the visitor many historical buildings and museums exhibiting the history of the Free State and the city.

Free State - Bloemfontein

Philippolis Fossils
4. Philippolis Fossils
In the region of Philippolis two fossils where found, a fish fossil which belonged to the order of Palaeonisciformes and a reptile which belonged to the Eodicynodon family.

Free State - Philippolis

The National Museum Bloemfontein
5. The National Museum Bloemfontein
The National Museum, Bloemfontein, is a natural history, cultural history and art museum which provide professional research, conservation and educational services to a broad spectrum of the community.

Free State - Bloemfontein

Transgariep Museum
6. Transgariep Museum
The Transgariep Museum features, in thematic displays, the Griquas, the London Missionary Society, Emily Hobhouse, and Old Philippolis - the oldest town in the Free State.

Free State - Philippolis

Vredefort Dome
7. Vredefort Dome
The Vredefort Dome, a World Heritage Site, is the oldest and largest meteorite impact site in the world. Formed an estimated 2000 million years ago when a gigantic meteorite (asteroid) hit the earth.

Free State - Vredefort

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