The Madikwe Game Reserve has become famous for its wild dogs, which were reintroduced in 1994. There are currently two African wild dog packs at Madikwe, and one of them has just had a litter of 14 puppies, which are now around eight or nine weeks old.

Wild Dogs at Jaci’s Lodge, Madikwe

Since Wild Dogs were translocated to Madikwe Game Reserve, the reserve has carefully watched and fostered the progress of its Wild Dog clans and has gone to great lengths to ensure the maintenance and conservation of the clans.

The African Wild Dog is Africa’s most endangered carnivore and the dogs’ journey in Madikwe during the past 16 years has been a challenging one, with many dying due to territorial clashes, lion attacks and rabies outbreaks.

Despite the odds, Madikwe has stabilised resident clans and even introduced new wild dogs from other reserves to strengthen the dogs’ gene pool.

The dogs are extremely active and as such need to make on average a kill a day to keep their energy levels up. A first impression of these colourful animals is their incessant movement. In contrast to lions, which tend to spend most of their lives sleeping, these dogs are full of energy and constantly play and chase one another as they move through the bush.

According to Jaci’s Lodge the Madikwe wild dogs are accustomed to safari vehicles, they seldom flee and offers wonderful photographic opportunities.