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Nhoma Safari Camp is a small activity oriented, luxury tented camp (ten units) situated in the north east of Namibia, 80 km from Tsumkwe and 280 km from Grootfontein.

It borders the Nyae Nyae and Nna Jaqna Conservancies. Tourism allows the community to earn cash in order to buy food and supplies not provided by the surrounding environment.

Activities offered at the camp ranges from hunting with the Bushmen hunters, veld food collection, the making of hunting equipment to traditional games and the healing dances. When conditions are suitable a short night drive is undertaken to view springhare and look for other nocturnal animals.

A visit to Nhoma Safari Camp will destroy the stereotype image people have of Bushmen and replace it with a more realistic view as well as amazement for the skills and knowledge lost by modern man.

This is only possible due to the limited number of visitors facilitating individual attention, the location of the camp close to the village, the remoteness and wildness of the surrounding area, the natural friendliness and spontaneity of the community and the impromptu activities.

Accommodation at Nhoma Safari Camp
Accommodation and camping has to be pre-booked. Accommodation is in ten safari tents onwooden decks with a view over the Nhoma omuramba (fossil river bed). The tents are well spaced and shaded by Zambesi Teak trees.

Clothing and Accessories:

It is a malaria endemic area and precautions should be taken, but there are few mosquitoes as it’s a sandy area with little standing water and the tents are generally insect-proof.

Hats, hiking boots and light-weight cotton trousers are essential (light or white clothing will dirty too much). Sandals does not work well in the sand and scorpions come out at night at the start of the rainy season.

Health and Climate:

This is a malaria endemic area.
The rainy season extends from November to April.
Winter nights - from May to July - can be very cold: 0 degrees Celsius.
Summer days - from October to April - can be very hot: 40 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures can reach a high above 37 deg C from mid-September to November before the rains start. Winter temperatures can drop to 0 deg C at night and rise above 20 deg C during the day. Heavy rains can be experienced from January to March and may limit the outdoor activities. April to June and early September is climate-wise the best time to visit.


Activities in the village depend on what individual people are doing, such as cooking, making crafts, preparing hides, making hunting equipment such as quivers or arrows, preparing medicine. Afternoon activities start at 3 pm in winter and 4 pm in summer.

There may or may not be a healing dance in the evening, but it is usual for guests to experience this on at least one evening.

Full day experiences cover:
* Cultural experience -
Guests are taken on a hunting/gathering excursion with four hunters. Skills such as fire making, rope making and setting of traps for birds and antelopes are demonstrated, as well as lesser known hunting skills with, for example, the springhare probe.

Because the Ju/‘hoansi are still active hunters, the hunters will follow promising tracks and the walk can turn into an actual hunt. The duration and intensity of the walk depends on the fitness of the guests and is adaptable. No set route or programme is followed. Honey and veld food is also actively sought.

There is lots of interaction between the visitor and the hunters. In the afternoon, the community of //nhoqma awaits the return of the hunters to see what they brought back. The whole community will then participate in traditional games. This is followed by the Giraffe or Elephant healing dances in the evening after dinner, through which the healers reach an altered state of consciousness whereby they can cure illness. (Day visitors will only see a demonstration of the dance in daylight).

* Khaudum National Park
Day tours to this unfenced and unspoilt park (60 km away, but one and a half hour drive with a 4WD vehicle), is only recommended from July till October (game numbers too low in the rainy season). 

* Nyae pan
Full day tour to the Nyae Nyae pan (interesting bird life) and the fascinating baobab trees to the east. (The area can become inaccessible from February to April as it may become water-logged).

Cancellation Policy:
22 days to 12 weeks before arrival - 20%; 8 to 21 days - 50%; 7 days or less - 80%
Facilities & Services available:
Self-Braai / Barbecue
Dining room
Fireplace on the Premises
Parking (off-street - covered)
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Hiking / Walking Trails

Nhoma Safari Camp is a Bed and Breakfast, Caravan park and Guest Farm in Tsumkwe Northern Region Namibia

The lodge is in Tsumkwe. To get to Tsumkwe, drive from Grootfontein on the B8. After 55km, you will find the turn-off to Tsumkwe, the C44.

Turn off from the B8 between Grootfontein and Rundu onto the C44, the gravel road to Tsumkwe. The turn-off to Nhoma is approximately 185 km down the C44 (40km before reaching Tsumkwe) and the sign reads Nhoma/Aasvoelnes (to the north). Nhoma is 40km further on. This is a proclaimed road (suitable for any sedan and normally in good condition, but may deteriorate unexpectedly. Keep below a speed of 80 kph). There is a parking area below the dune on which the camp is situated. Fuel is not available.

Cell phone reception at the camp is limited to the dining area. The last reception is at Maroelaboom Police Station, about 100km from Grootfontein, and at Tsumkwe.

There are fuel stations only at Grootfontein and Tsumkwe (sometimes not).The distance from Grootfontein is 280km. There is no fuel station on the road to Rundu (B4).

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Rooms and Units Available at Nhoma Safari Camp

The tents: Three tents have double beds with corner baths - the bathroom in a partition of the tent.Two tents have a double and a single bed and corner bath - the bathroom in a partition of the tent.

One tent has a double and a single bed and shower - the bathroom in a partition of the tent. Four tents have twin beds with showers - the bathrooms are grass-enclosed and connected to the bedroom by a door.

Camping: We have a campsite with ablutions consisting of two showers and two toilets. Firewood is supplied free of charge.

Water: Water comes from the village borehole and is safe to drink, but purified water is provided for drinking. Hot water is provided by gas geysers or wood fired boilers.

Electricity: There are no electrical points in the tents or camp site. Batteries can be charged in the dining area. Lights are solar powered.

Cell phone reception: There is no cell phone reception in the area. WiFi is available.

Safes: All tents have a small safe.

Meals and drinks: Meals and drinks are provided in the central dining area and are included in the price.

Activities for campers: Full day - morning hunt, afternoon activities in village and evening healing dance, Khaudum day trip, Nyae Nyae tour - minimum 2 persons. Meals for campers: Breakfast (R 975.00) - Lunch/Lunchpack (R 1330.00) Dinner (R 2215.00)
Amount of similar units: 2
Sleeps 2 Adults

Extended Package
Activities as above plus Khaudum day tour (June to October) and/or an extra day/s with the Bushmen and/or drive to Nyae Nyae pan and Baobabs.
Amount of similar units: 2
Sleeps 2 Adults

Standard Package
One-and-a-half day, two nights full board and activities - Arrival times are to be advised in order for us to arrange afternoon/evening activities and for emergencies. All meals, drinks and activities are included.
Amount of similar units: 2
Sleeps 2 Adults

Standard Package Group Bookings - 12 or more
One-and-a-half day, two nights (as above), 12 or more persons.
Amount of similar units: 2
Sleeps 2 Adults

Standard Package Group Bookings - 6 or more
One-and-a-half day, two nights (as above), 6 or more persons.
Amount of similar units: 2
Sleeps 2 Adults

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