Makalolo Plains enjoys a privileged position as one of the few private camps situated within Hwange National Park. It is made up of two small camps which enjoy exclusive use of an enormous concession area in the heart of Zimbabwe's premier game reserve.

The terrain in the Makalolo area is an interesting combination of Kalahari sandveld, miombo woodland, and teak forests, and the scenery varies from sweeping, palm-fringed plains to grasslands and acacia bushveld.

This diverse and rich habitat in turn supports great volumes and diversity of animals, most spectacularly large herds of elephant and buffalo. This is also one of the best areas in Hwange for predators, with good numbers of lion, leopard, cheetah, and wild dog.

One of the highlights of the area is the high concentrations of majestic sable and roan antelope, both rare and beautiful species.

Accommodation is in the form of large tastefully decorated tents, each with en suite facilities. The rooms are raised off the ground on polished teak decking and are simply but well decorated with natural materials.

Each has its own very private balcony and outdoor shower.

The tastefully appointed living area is also set on a lovely teak platform and includes a dining room, pub, plunge pool and an open fire area for those evening fireside bush tales.

Its expansive deck overlooks a wonderfully active water hole, surround with large old trees. Countless hours could be spent imbibing the wildness of this idyllic scene.

Self-drives are not permitted to the Camp.

The camp can only be reached by light aircraft and guests are flown in from either Victoria Falls airport or from Hwange airport.

The waterholes in the Makalolo area are some of the most productive in Zimbabwe from a game-viewing perspective.

Guests do not have to venture far to find animals in great numbers - simply sitting at a waterhole can produce hours of entertainment as large herds of animal process down to take their turn at these life-giving sources of water.

Watching the interaction between individuals and species as they take their turn - and more often than not compete - to quench their thirst, is an incredibly rewarding experience, and one can not help but feel like a voyeur in a great African drama.

Activities at the Makalolo center on the rich source of wildlife surrounding the camp, and guests are invited to partake in game-drives as well as bush walks with their highly trained professional guides.

Zimbabwe boasts some of the finest guides in Africa, and stalking Africa's big game on foot is a rare and exhilarating privilege.

Being inside Hwange is a great advantage, as guests' game-viewing starts right at their doorstep, while privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed because Makalolo is on a private concession, away from the public sections of the park.

On return from evening game drive, Makalolo looks like a fantastical city in the distance, all flickering golden light from the countless lanterns and candles which illuminate it.

After a satisfying dinner, sitting with a cognac around the fire under the stars, listening to animals move to and from the water hole, is an experience etched in our memories forever.

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