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The Karoo National Park gives visitors insight into the vast and unforgiving landscape of the Great Karoo. It has a wide variety of endemic wildlife and also a wide diversity of succulent plants and small reptiles.

Some of the interesting activities in the park include:

* Scenic drive along the picturesque Klipspringer Pass with its environmentally friendly style of construction and the scenic viewpoint at Rooivalle. The Pass not only provides visitors with spectacular views, but the pass is also an example of civil engineering toil and precision.

* Game viewing in ones own vehicle.

* Nuweveld Eco Trail (90km) and Afsaal EcoTrail (13km) are available to visitors in 4x4 vehicles. These two routes branch off the Potlekkertjie Loop and are available free of charge.

About 50 kilometres of the Nuweveld trail is a Grade one 4x4 trail with some steep, rocky sections and sandy dry river crossings. The Embizweni Cottage is available for visitors to overnight on the Nuweveld Trail. The cottage provides fully-equipped accommodation for six people with a gas-powered stove, fridge and geysers as well as solar-powered lights.

* The shorter Afsaal Trail is a 13-kilometre route which provides a challenging drive in wet conditions. The trail, commencing off the Potlekkertjie Loop, travels south and then east before linking up with the Potlekkertjie Loop again.

* Guided game drives, under guidance of trained staff. Departure times can be confirmed with reception and a minimum of 4 people are needed for each drive, and a maximum of 9 per drive can be accommodated. (Karoo National Park Wildlife)

* Morning Drive (2-3 hours) - minimum of 4 people

* Bossie Trail: The Bossie Trail is 800m long. Visitors can collect a pamphlet at reception which holds a detailed key to the fascinating attributes and medicinal/cultural uses of some of the plants found along the route.

* Pointer Trail: The Pointer Trail offers two route options: one of 4.9 km and the other of 11.4 km and spectacular views over the landscapes of the Park.

* Karoo Fossil Trail: This 400m long trail depicts the geology and palaeontology of the Great Karoo. Genuine fossils and petrified wood are on display on this paved trail, accessible for wheelchair-users.

* Bird hide at the dam near main rest camp.

* Interpretive Centre.

* Bulkraal picnic spot with a swimming pool, ablution facilities, and braai facilities.

Interesting wildlife to seek
- Black Eagle – with around 20 pairs of these eagles breeding, the park can lay claim to one of the highest densities of this regal species in Africa
- Tortoises – the park hosts 5 different species, the highest density of species per equivalent area anywhere in the world
- Cape Mountain Zebra – this species came close to extinction early in the 20th Century. It is well established in the park and visitors have the opportunity to compare its bold stripe pattern to that of the “quagga” strain
- Springbok – the emblem of the park and present in high numbers. This is a reminder of the once massive herds that crossed the Karoo on annual migration that could stretch for several kilometres.
  • Karoo National Park - Outdoor Activities
  • Karoo National Park - Outdoor Activities
  • Karoo National Park - Outdoor Activities
  • Karoo National Park - Outdoor Activities
  • Karoo National Park - Outdoor Activities

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