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Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park

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Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park lies in the heart of the Zulu Kingdom, where ancient trails lead through the thornveld and along the mighty rivers of Africa’s oldest established wilderness area. Once the exclusive royal hunting ground of King Shaka, (where the first conservation laws were put in place), this rich tapestry of natural and cultural history still beats with the rhythms of Africa. Hluhluwe and Imfolozi Game Parks were formally established as game reserves in 1895 and today, along with the Corridor Reserve proclaimed in 1989, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park covers some 96 000 ha and contains an immense diversity of fauna and flora.

The Hluhluwe section in the north is characterised by towering grassland hills and diverse terrain and vegetation and is exceptional for its rich variety of bird and animal life.

The Imfolozi section in the south is characterised by wide open spaces and is a natural treasure store of fascinating fauna and flora. Species include the “Big Five”-
- lion,
- leopard,
- elephant,
- buffalo and
- rhino (black and white),

as well as blue wildebeest,
- zebra,
- giraffe,
- impala,
- waterbuck,
- reedbuck,
- nyala,
- kudu,
- bushbuck,
- steenbuck,
- duiker,
- warthog,
- cheetah,
- wild dog,
- hyena and many others.

Over 300 bird species have been recorded here.

Renowned for its rich and diverse wildlife, the park teems with a wide variety of fascinating fauna and flora including elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, blue wildebeest, giraffe, cheetah, hyena, and warthog and over 300 bird species.

Apart from game-viewing drives, there are self-guided auto trails which provide information on both the management and natural history of the reserve. Guided walks are also available, particularly rewarding in the early morning and late afternoon.

Please take note that the water supply in the river at the Mpila and uMganu pump stations is critical. Please could you ensure that you use water sparingly during your stay at Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park.

Facilities and Services at Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park:
FRONT OFFICE - Reception hours are from 07:00 - 18:00 daily.

CURIO SHOP - Our curio shop is well stocked with a variety of items ranging from clothes, curios, books, cards, photographic films, binoculars, beers, wines, cool drinks, wood, charcoal and so forth and is open every day between 07:00 - 18:00 daily.

FILLING STATION - For your convenience a filling station is available near the curio shop and is opened from 07:00 - 18:00 daily. We are unfortunately not in a position to repair punchers and only unleaded petrol is available. We accept cash and recognized petrol or garage cards.

SIGHTINGS BOARD - The sightings board is located in the reception area. Guests themselves indicate on a daily basis their sightings for the benefit of others. Guests are therefore encouraged to please indicate their sightings accurately.

PICNIC SITES - The reserve has two picnic sites (Sontuli and Mbondwe), with ablutions and braai stand facilities. They are situated in several scenic spots which offer spectacular views and are ideal for game viewing.

BRAAI FACILITIES - Each self-catering chalet is equipped with a braai stand. For safety reasons we request you not to move this to the verandah or into the chalet. Please use it in the designated areas only.

HOUSEKEEPING - Your chalets are serviced daily between 08:00 - 14:00.
Should you require your towels to be changed please leave them on the floor. Should you require an extra mattress inform reception before 15:00.

BABY COTS - Baby cots are available upon request from housekeeping. Please make arrangements with reception before 15:00.

ICE / CHARCOAL / WOOD - These are available for purchase at the curio shop.

CHECK OUT - We request you to check out by 10:00 on the day of your departure to afford us sufficient time to prepare units for our next guests. Please keep your checkout receipt safe as it will be requested from you when signing out at the main gate. Please be advised that should you not vacate your unit by 10:00 you will be charged the additional full daily rate.

ELECTRICITY - Our electricity is supplied by generator between 07:00 - 22:00. Requests are accepted to add more hours for visitors who have medical conditions.

MONKEYS - Feeding monkeys is strictly forbidden. Do not leave food unattended. Please keep all the windows and doors to your chalet closed thereby avoiding temptation for the monkeys. Displaying of fruit and food will tempt them to enter your chalet.

ANTS -We request your assistance in keeping areas clean at all times by ensuring that there is no food over-spill, particularly oil and sugar, as these are an attraction to ants.

There is always a manager on duty at the Resort.
Should you wish to raise any concern, or even to chat to the Duty Manager please call at the reception and you will be assisted.

DRINKING WATER - Our tap water is safe to drink and a filled water bottle is in your refrigerator.

Activities available at Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park:
Game drives are conducted in open viewing vehicles and are a popular tourist attraction in the reserve. Each drive is approximately 2 - 2½ hours in duration. Depending on the number of guests booked, drives are conducted in 22 and 10 seater open vehicles. An additional vehicle can be provided if required. Should guests prefer to be on their own in a particular vehicle they will be required to pay for the outstanding seats. Guests are requested to book all activities at reception, where payment and completion of an indemnity form will be required. All drives are scheduled in such a way that they are back in time for visitors to prepare their meals.

Game walks are offered daily and are conducted by a Field Guide. Each walk is limited to eight people.

How to enjoy your visit at Mpila Camp:
- Remember the small creatures can be as interesting as the big ones and that watching a dung beetle at work can be as fascinating as watching the rhino that supplied the raw material.
- Observe all the animals and plants, large and small.
- There are many insects, reptiles, flowers and other interesting things in these reserves.
- Listen to and absorb the sounds and atmosphere of the bush.
- Game reserves are havens of peace and quiet, and where it is possible to listen to the birds and animals.
- Remember to look into the bush and not at it.
- Animals are very often seen behind a screen of bush or in the shelter of a patch of scrub.
- Read about the mammals, birds, trees and insects before and during your visit.
- A little knowledge will improve the quality of your visit immensely.
- Although the speed limit in the reserve is 40 km/h, the best game viewing speed is below 20 km/h.
- This not only reduces dust, but allows you to approach animals without startling them.
- Please do not to discard litter within the reserve (only in designated areas), nor to throw litter from the vehicle. Litter is unsightly and can result in injury and death to the animals.
- Sitting in the window of a moving vehicle is extremely irresponsible and dangerous.
- The roads are narrow and there is a real danger of severe injury from overhanging thorn bushes and passing vehicles.

Hides at Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park:
There are two hides in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park.
Game viewing is best in the dry season from June to October, between 09:00 - 12:00. Be patient as its well worth your while to spend several hours at the hide.

Accommodation at Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park:
- Mpila consists of 2 seven-bed self-contained cottages,
- 6 five-bed self-contained chalets,
- 12 two bed chalets and 13 two and 2 four-bedded tented safari camps.

The cottages consist of three bedrooms, bathroom and shower, lounge, dining room and kitchen.
A cook is in attendance and the unit is serviced daily.

The five bed chalets consist of two bedrooms, bathroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen. The chalets are self-catering and an attendant will service the units daily. There is no cook in attendance. Each unit has its own barbeque area.

The 2 bed chalets are equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette. There is no cook in attendance, but the units are serviced daily.

The tented safari camp each have an en-suite bathroom and kitchen and dining area connected via a board walk . An optional third bed is available in each tent, for a child only. The units are serviced daily.

The roars of lion are often heard at night as guests congregate around the campfire drinking in the unique and magical sounds of the bush.
Masinda has been extensively re-furbished, offering three luxurious en-suite bedrooms featuring a décor rich in African art and craft design reflecting the artistry of to the local Zulu people.
All activities for Masinda Lodge visitors only take place at Mpila Resort and they are not included in the accommodation price.
The Lodge is serviced daily by a lodge attendant who prepares food supplied by guests.
Visitors need to bring their own wood or buy wood from the Curio Shop.
Please note: The Lodge is not fenced and while you may enjoy game viewing from your accommodation, please do not walk beyond the vicinity of your unit.

This bush lodge consists of 4 two-bed units with en-suite bathrooms.
The large open plan kitchen, dining and lounge unit has a magnificent view of the Black Mfolozi River and also overlooks a deep pool in the Gqoyeni stream near its confluence with the Black Mfolozi River.
A cook is available to prepare food supplied by guests, and a Field Guide conducts walks into the surrounding Bushveld. Please note:
The bush lodge is not fenced and while you may enjoy game viewing from your accommodation, please do not walk beyond the vicinity of your unit.
Visitors need to bring their own wood or buy wood from the Curio Shop.

This Bush Lodge consists of 4 two-bed units with en-suite bathrooms.
The central entertainment area comprises of a kitchen, dinning room and lounge.
The lodge is situated in Tambotie woodland,
Overlooks the Black Mfolozi River and provides excellent opportunities for walks.
A cook is available to prepare food supplied by guests, and a Field Guide conducts walks into the surroundings bushveld.
Visitors need to bring their own wood or buy wood from the Curio Shop.
Please note: Bush lodge is not fenced and while you may enjoy game viewing from your accommodation, please do not walk beyond the vicinity of your unit.

Nselweni Bush Lodge
Nselweni Lodge is situated on the bank of the Black Mfolozi River with a superb view of the river, lush bushveld and an occasional sighting of the Big Five.
Nselweni Lodge is an ideal venue for the perfect getaway to unwind.
All 8 two bed chalets can be booked individually and they are self-catering, with a shower, toilet and kitchen. A cook is provided only for group booking from 5 - 8 units.
The communal lounge is fully equipped with 20 seater chairs, DSTV and couches.
The price does not include the cook and all activities (drives and walks), take place at Mpila Resort.
This is a community lodge run by Ezemvelo and the lodge is powered by solar energy.
Visitors need to bring their own wood or buy wood from the Curio Shop.
Please note: The lodge is only fenced for elephants only so please do not walk beyond the vicinity of your unit.

Please Note Day visitors/Guests pay a conservation fee of R145 per adult and R75 per child > than 12 yrs old. Children > than 3yrs old is not charged for conservation fees.

Facilities & Services:

Self-Braai / Barbecue  

Curio Shop  

Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park Map:

Health & Climate:

The climate is generally hot in summer and mild to cool in winter, although cold spells can occur.

Please note that lion, leopard, black and white rhino, buffalo, hippo and crocodile occur in this Park and because all wild animals are unpredictable and potentially dangerous, we request that you bear this in mind when walking around the camp. The perimeters of Mpila Resort are fenced for elephant only, so please exercise caution when moving about the Resort at night. Do not walk beyond the vicinity of your chalet areas at night or leave your vehicle unless at a designated hide, view site or picnic site. Please be advised of the following:

- iMfolozi is considered a "low risk” malaria area and incidences of the disease are rare.
- Apply insect repellent to exposed skin.
- Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers after dusk as this is when mosquitoes are most active.
- Use mosquito coils or mats in your room at night.
- Consult a pharmacist if you wish to take a prophylactic medication.
- If you experience flu-like symptoms after visiting a malaria area, contact your doctor immediately and inform him or her of your recent visit.

- If you undertake a walk or trail in the area, you may be exposed to “pepper” ticks.
- Although most are harmless, their bites can be extremely itchy and the irritation may last for up to seven days.
- In some instances, you may contract tick bite fever should you get bitten by a tick that is carrying the disease.
- If you suffer flu-like symptoms, fever, headaches and have an inflamed painful bite within 2 - 10 days after visiting a bushveld area, contact your doctor for appropriate advice and medication.
- Apply insect repellent to skin and repellants such as Byticol, which is particularly effective, should be sprayed onto clothing and shoes. • - Wear long trousers tucked into your socks when walking in the bush.
- Wash with a medicated soap if you discover ticks on your body.
- Use an antihistamine cream to relieve the itch.


Mpila Camp - Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park Guest Reviews

Average Guest Rating: 
  4.0 out of 5 based on 191 reviews. - View all Guest Reviews

Enjoyed our stay. Staff were pleasant and accommodation was clean. Saw a lot of animals. Due to the dry weather the watering holes were always busy. Praying that you get rain soon, and lots of it.....
 Reviewed by Hugh/Bernice turner on 11 January 2016

Our family stayed at Mpila for Christmas 2015 and had a wonderful experience. The house was fully equipped with all kitchen items we could possibly require. The view from the sitting area was fantastic, we saw many animals down in the valley. A visit from the hyena in the evening was quite exciting. The only problem we had was that the power goes out in the evening and it was extremely hot. Sleeping was fine but our milk spoiled in the fridge overnight. I would certainly stay here again. Lori Carlisle
 Reviewed by Lori Carlisle on 4 January 2016

we loved our stay - the monkeys were a pest tho and you had to be careful as a hyena was roaming around the camp - one other thing you need toasters in the kitchens but otherwise we really enjoyed our stay - thank you
 Reviewed by Mandy Watkins on 16 November 2015

Luved our stay. Want To go back.
 Reviewed by R Robberts on 19 October 2015

R870.00 per unit